Advisory Council

We are guided by an Advisory Council comprised of performers, producers, educators and organizational development experts committed to advancing our mission.  

  • HB Barnum

    Pianist, Producer, Arranger and Songwriter

    More about HB at

  • Dr. Clarence Clarkson

    Educational Consultant

  • Ata Farhadi


  • Mike Miller

    Harmony Street & The Harmony Street Internet Radio Program

    More about Mike and Harmony Street at

  • Barrie Segall, MSW

    Nonprofit Consultant

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  • Roger Steffens

    Author, Reggae Archivist

    Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame Emcee

    More about Roger Steffens recent projects Here

  • Christine Vitale

    Radio Personality--WFDU-FM/89.1

    More about Christine at